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Fractional CIO/CISO/Director of IT: Flexible, Strategic Technology Leadership

When your organization needs strategic technical and business leadership to fill organizational gaps, lead business transformation, or create competitive advantage from your technology investments, EMBER’s fractional executive services have you covered.

A Cost-Effective Alternative to a Dedicated IT Executive Team

While digital transformation is critical for most fast-growing businesses, many can’t afford a full-time technology leadership team. Whether you’re looking for high-impact talent to fill interim positions or support strategic initiatives, EMBER can provide a part-time or shared executive to oversee your IT and security strategies and ensure your technology platform delivers against your business objectives.

EMBER’s Fractional
CIO/CISO/Director of IT

Create and execute a technology strategy that aligns with the organization’s business and growth objectives.
Oversee the development, implementation, and management of technology infrastructure to meet the organization’s operational and strategic requirements.
Manage relationships with technology vendors, including negotiating contracts and managing service-level agreements.
Develop and implement a comprehensive information security strategy that protects the organization’s systems and digital assets from cybersecurity threats while ensuring regulatory compliance.
Build and execute strategies to ensure that technology systems and data are available and recoverable in the event of a disaster or disruption.
Our team can help define, prioritize, and deliver on your strategic initiatives. Leveraging the EMBER team’s diverse background can help you implement almost any IT or security solution you require.

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EMBER’s technology experts use industry-leading tools and best practices to discover, assess, and solve your most complex IT challenges, including

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