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Penetration Testing:
Find Your Vulnerabilities —
Before Hackers Do

Penetration Testing simulates real-world attacks and helps to identify shortcomings in your cybersecurity protection. Regular Penetration Testing helps you protect your digital landscape and meet regulatory requirements.

EMBER’s Penetration Testing

EMBER’s Penetration Testing simulates a cyberattack in a safe environment, using the same methods employed by hackers and cyber criminals. Penetration Testing will show how resistant your infrastructure and applications are to attacks and compromise.


Identify and Prioritize Your Security Gaps

Penetration Testing does much more than identify gaps in your security landscape. Testing also helps you to prioritize your remedial actions depending on the vulnerabilities uncovered.

Testing will also highlight any missing controls or processes that should be implemented and confirm which security measures are working well in your environment. Finally, regular security testing reinforces with employees and other stakeholders the importance of cybersecurity to your organization.

Tool We Use to Deliver
Penetration Testing


EMBER IT Services —
Security How You Need It

Building and maintaining an effective security infrastructure is expensive and time-consuming. Hiring and keeping top security talent is an ongoing challenge, and procuring and upgrading security solutions can wreak havoc on your capital budget.

EMBER offers a full range of services and solutions designed to protect your data, employees, and environment. These solutions are constantly evolving to meet new threats, scale quickly, and can dramatically reduce your capital spending.

Our team possesses an extensive IT background and employs best-in-class partners, tools, and methods. By combining our tactical expertise with security orchestration and automation, EMBER delivers unparalleled speed and responsiveness, keeping your organization safe and letting you focus on your core business.

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