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Network and Device Monitoring: Complete Visibility Into Your Digital Assets and Infrastructure

EMBER’s Network and Device Monitoring solution allows you proactively maintain optimal performance from your infrastructure and applications. Comprehensive, real-time reporting helps identify security and availability issues while supporting compliance requirements.

Detailed Reporting Helps Deliver Peak Performance

Real-time monitoring and reporting are critical to getting the most from your digital assets. From infrastructure (LAN, WAN, cloud services) to applications, EMBER’s Network and Device Monitoring helps identify bottlenecks, security issues, and device failures. The results? Reduced downtime, better performance, and enhanced network and data security.

EMBER’s Network and Device Monitoring

EMBER’s Network and Device Monitoring delivers full visualization and reporting of all digital and network assets from a single location. With Network and Device Monitoring, you can

  • Get detailed visibility of your devices, applications, and all network layers
  • Auto-discover new network devices and assets
  • Pinpoint device and network issues quickly
  • Proactively optimize website and applications performance

Tools We Use for Network and Device Monitoring


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