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Asset Management:
Track and Optimize Your Most Valuable IT Assets

Critical IT assets include hardware, software, licenses, and even data. Proactively managing those assets can improve your business performance while reducing operating costs and security risks.

Complete Control of Your Organization's Hardware and Software Assets

You need to maximize the value of all IT assets throughout their entire lifecycle. EMBER’s Asset Management provides a single source of truth to improve asset utilization while lowering the costs and security risks associated with aging, unpatched software and rising licensing fees. Using next-generation tools and processes, EMBER’s Asset Management can help you speed the delivery of new services and functionality to your team.

EMBER’s Asset Management

EMBER’s Asset Management provides an ongoing, comprehensive view of all your IT assets and includes

  • Identifying and registering assets
  • Location tracking
  • Understanding maintenance status and processes
  • Warranty and License status tracking
  • Highlighting asset lifecycle costs

Tools We Use to Deliver Asset Management


EMBER IT Services —
Technology That Scales with Your Business

Building and maintaining an effective IT infrastructure is expensive and time-consuming. EMBER’s full range of security and IT solutions can help you

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