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Transform, Thrive, and Survive At Quantum Scale

EMBER is a security operations, managed services, and consulting firm with core expertise in cybersecurity, cloud operations, full-lifecycle IT management, SecDevOps, and automation. Based in Philadelphia, EMBER services clients headquartered in North America, with IT operations virtually anywhere in the world. EMBER operates a 365/24/7 virtual Security Operations Center (SOC), Service Desk and Network Operations Center (NOC), and a world class-professional services team.


Two decades of business-critical IT operations experience

EMBER wasn’t founded in a garage – it was forged in server closets and data centers, and honed by years of adaptation and technical leadership.

2006 - 2009

2010 - 2013

2014 – 2019

2019 – 2020

2021 – 2023

EMBER started as Microsoft-centric Managed IT Service Provider (MSP), managing networks, servers, and end user machines. Delivered offsite backup, break-fix, and remote management and monitoring services.

Evolved to manage plant infrastructure, control systems, and lab equipment. Added Citrix, Cisco, and Meraki to its growing portfolio of solutions.

Became a regional leader in private cloud services. Built and operated two Tier 4 data centers, and became a Microsoft Cloud Services Partner. Hosted and managed client applications, Microsoft Exchange, Citrix, collocated file and application servers, and virtual infrastructure.

Appointed technical co-founder, Matt Toto, as CEO. Recruited Chris DiFonzo as VP of Sales & Strategy. Began security operations focus. Completed pivotal Red Canary Partnership and established Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service leadership. Migrated dozens of clients and scores of business-critical workloads to cloud (Azure, AWS). Launched EMBER365 Managed Security powered by Red Canary, Persistent Vulnerability Management powered by, Managed Microsoft Sentinel SIEM, and Managed Cybersecurity Awareness training powered by KnowBe4. Shut down both physical data centers.

Appointed Chris DiFonzo as CEO. Created four client facing teams: Client Support Group (CSG), Technical Services Group (TSG), Strategic Services Group (SSG), and Security Operations (SecOps). Launched dedicated Network Operations Center to support client infrastructure and resilience services. Appointed Daphne Ardizzone-Lewis as Senior Director of Operations and Support, and Brandon Carl as Director of Technology. EMBER invested heavily in hiring, training, and benefits. Grew revenue and team count by 300%.

Today EMBER has 30+ team members spanning 10 states and supports client operations across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.


EMBER helps agile organizations transform, thrive, and survive at quantum scale.



Embrace cutting edge technology.

Change how your organization delivers value to employees, customers, partners, and other stakeholders, by embracing game-changing technologies, inspiring new business models, and enhancing stakeholder experiences across your ecosystem.



Sustain peak performance.

Sustain peak performance by focusing on your core business. Outsource IT Management, Information Security, and other non-core business functions to a specialized business partner better equipped to attain and maintain the best-aligned resources, partnerships, and expertise.



Secure your enterprise.

Secure your organization’s data, endpoints, networks, and people. Invest sensibly and adequately in enterprise-class resilience, cyber defenses, threat detection capabilities, cybersecurity awareness training, and a 24×7 monitoring and response partner.



Outperform your competition.

To compete at quantum scale requires continuously adapting and improving, delivering value in a rapidly evolving digital business environment and threat landscape, and navigating ever-increasing governance, risk, and compliance complexity.


EMBER’s commitment to every client delivers unprecedented service levels, top-tier satisfaction, and limitless possibilities for their companies to grow.

Security First

Security is our center of gravity. We prioritize it above all else.

Always On

Your emergency is our emergency; we support, fix, and protect clients 365x24x7.

Relentless & Reliable

We tirelessly pursue results, and you can count on us to achieve them.

Leadership & Innovation

Technology doesn’t stop advancing and threats don’t stop evolving. Neither do we.

People & Relationships

We invest heavily in our team and culture. We will support yours with thoughtful, productive interactions.

Vested Partnership

We are a committed partner; your risk is our risk. We use the technology, tools, and methods we promote.

Mission Critical Industries

Need Unwavering Support

At EMBER, we specialize in working with organizations that have complex requirements – across an array of mission-critical industries.




PE & Venture Capital

Investment Management



EMBER’s leadership team embodies unique capabilities that cultivate success in every aspect of the business.

EMBER is an opportunity — to learn, collaborate, and deliver transformative technology solutions to our clients.

With a 365/24/7 virtual SOC, Service Desk, and NOC, EMBER is proud to provide worldwide support for our clients.

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