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Managed IT

Reliable, consistent, and efficient support when you need it most. Manage your IT investments effectively while meeting changing business, audit, or regulatory needs.

Secure Cloud

Ember IT is a leading technology integrator specializing in Virtualized Hosted Infrastructure and Thin Client Desktops. We are your server administrators.

CIO Services

Give Ember IT a seat at the executive table. While most companies use IT as a reactive tool, find out how your IT can help you move forward, instead of holding you back.

Welcome to Ember IT!

The Story Behind Ember IT

Ember IT was founded with the vision of providing innovative and customer centric technology solutions.  Our mission is to ensure that our customer’s technology investment aligns with current and future business needs.  By delivering best of breed solutions with professional integrity, we develop successful business relationships through mutual trust and respect.

While many IT support companies provide consulting, few provide hosting, and far less provide executive support. Ember IT takes a comprehensive approach to IT solutions from help desk to infrastructure & strategic planning.  No other IT firm can leverage this level of expertise, technology, and most notably service.