Choosing Change

One month ago, I was an event-marketing intern at a sports marketing company. My
primary responsibility was hosting professional athletes. I recently worked with Greg
Ward Jr., Boston Scott, and Trey Burton, which was great because of my passion for
sports! Then came COVID-19.

Now I’m a digital marketing intern at Ember IT, a managed IT services company. I’m
working from home, along with millions of other Americans who have never worked from
home. My responsibilities are entirely different, and there are no sports!

Change comes fast and hard. The past month, especially the past week, proved to me,
the ability to learn quickly and adapt to change are critical skills for my generation.

As a part of the “Social Media” generation, I suppose change is more natural due to having grown up with the rapidly evolving internet landscape. After all, we spend large
parts of the day refreshing our timelines to find out what is “next”; in the world and in our lives.

Something I’ve learned over the years is, there are two types of change: change you
can’t control and change you can. When COVID-19 impacted daily operations and
functions of business, I was unable to control the fact that my previous internship was
virtually halted.

I found myself in a similar boat with millions of others where days that were filled with
productive routines were disrupted by uncertainty and self-quarantine. Two weeks went
by before I finally decided it was time for a personal change.

A fun fact about myself is, I have the need to always be doing something. Whether
that’s coaching my younger brother’s AAU team, managing the Syracuse Women’s
basketball team, traveling to a different country for a semester, or creating a new project
at work. I’ve always felt best while being productive.

The first two weeks of quarantine were hard on me mentally. I tried to keep busy, but
there wasn’t much I could do with Pennsylvania enacting a statewide shutdown. So, I
decided to try to leverage my professional network to see if anyone could use some
help on the side. Then came Ember IT.

I was offered the position of Digital Marketing intern with Ember IT on March 24th.
Although I’m currently a Sport Management student at Syracuse University, Digital
Marketing is a field I’m familiar with, so I was comfortable in that regard.

There were several reasons I decided to join Ember IT. During the hiring process, I
spoke with COO Bob McClelland. We had a great conversation about Ember IT and all
they are currently doing to adapt their business to the current working conditions.

The core theme Bob was describing to me is, Ember IT cares for people. Whether it be
their clients or employees, I could see clearly in the time I spent with Bob, Ember IT
doesn’t hesitate to go the extra mile to ensure their people are taken care of.

Hearing Bob speak about Ember IT made a lasting impression on me. I have always
believed you should look for a company that reflects what you believe in, and I’ve come
to find that Ember IT and I share many beliefs.

Personally, I highly value growth. In my opinion, when it comes to change, I try to
approach it with an open mind that will allow me to grow as much as possible. Change
beyond an individual’s control forces them to adapt more quickly than anticipated.
Change within one’s control provides a buffer to act more strategically.

Adapting to the ever-changing conditions can be difficult. That said, I encourage you to
try to find elements that you can control and change if you see fit.

I chose to change with Ember IT because I thought it would be an excellent opportunity
to grow alongside a company I believe in. Change can be daunting, and I have found
myself in difficult situations due to abrupt change many times. My best advice to anyone
experiencing change right now is to keep an open mind, control what you can change,
and try to grow as much as possible during this time.