I hope everyone is acclimating to working from home in this unprecedented period. It’s
been quite an adjustment for my wife and me, balancing work, the house, and homeschooling. Kids squabbling and trying to make sense of the new normal is the
backdrop of our morning team calls now. We are making the best of it.

It’s been energizing and inspiring to witness the team in action these past three weeks.
Ember IT has been extremely busy ensuring clients can access data and systems
remotely and securely. We’ve performed five OneDrive migrations, helped numerous
clients get rolling on Microsoft Teams, and collaborated on several other #WFH (work-
from-home) initiatives. We feel fortunate to be busy.

Now, nearly everyone is connected and accessing the tools, systems, and data they
need to be productive. We’re already working with many clients to ensure, adapt, and
enhance security for the #WFH paradigm. In the coming weeks and months, security
will be a driving theme and focus of discussion. I’m excited to say we’re adding timely,
new capabilities to bring you leading-edge endpoint security. More on this soon.

Finally, I’m delighted to be able to say that Microsoft Teams stood the stress test of
millions of users on-boarding around the world in recent weeks. It’s been the backbone
of communication and collaboration for our team. For anyone interested in learning
more, we’ll host a private webinar for your organization.

Stay safe out there. We’re here to help when you need us.