Chris DiFonzo

Chief Executive Officer

Managed IT and Security Services for Everyone.

It's the wild west out there.

Chris brings 30 years of enterprise and start up tech experience in consulting, sales, and leadership roles.  His formative, big company experience includes tech titans Siemens, SAP, McAfee, Intel, and Palo Alto Networks.  At Siemens, in the mid 90’s, Chris built, launched, and led a duplicate medical record service that produced $4 million in new revenue in the first 24 months and drove $68 million in sales over the next 17 years.  In 2010 he co-founded OpenDesks, a first-of-its-kind booking technology linking mobile workers to on-demand office and conference space in 650 cities spanning 110 countries. He returned to Siemens in 2013, quickly becoming the national business leader of the Healthcare Security and Risk Management consulting practice. In this role, he planted the seed for a seven-year run in enterprise cyber security, advising, and helping business and technology leaders in large, complex, regulated organizations select and deploy security solutions to protect their data, systems, clients, and employees.

Chris brings big thinking and even bigger energy to EMBER.  He has guided businesses through growth and evolution with an uncanny ability to see what is coming AFTER what is coming next. Prior to being named CEO, Chris led sales and marketing, and worked closely with the founding partners to optimize business operations and bring EMBER’s managed security service to the market.  Chris reflects, “In 2020 we adopted the belief that organizations of all shapes, sizes, and levels of complexity need, and should have access to, enterprise class security technology and services.  Operationalizing around this belief, responding well to the adversity presented by COVID, and investing in our culture and team, has resulted in unprecedented growth over two years: from a low of 8 team members, to now 26, and a nearly 3x increase in revenue.”  Chris says the hardest part of becoming CEO was learning to do less, to accomplish more.