Why Extra-Life ?

This is Ember IT’s 4th consecutive year participating in Extra-Life. During our previous campaigns we have raised nearly $14,000 to benefit Children’s Hospital or Philadelphia. We are very passionate about raising money & awareness to such a great cause. Here are a few of our employees to tell you “Why Extra-Life?”

Erik & Stephanie Germanovich – 3x Extra-Life Gold Medal Winner

14440726_10154448849123257_2775345965831975868_n“For the fourth year in a row, I’m on a mission to save kids and I need your help.The Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania treats thousands of children each year, regardless of their family’s ability to pay. These kids are facing scary stuff like cancer, cystic fibrosis, and injuries from accidents to name just a few. If you know anything about the Germanovich family, you know we’ve had more than our share of tragedies involving CF and cancer.

So, as Stephanie and I have done for the past four years, this November 5th we, along with Ember IT, will be playing 24 straight hours of video games to raise money for children’s health.”



Jamie Glennon – 3X Extra-Life Gold Medal Winner

14462911_10207649388654973_845306661334928203_nI do this for my daughter Avery. As a father of a special needs child I am her voice & advocate. I have shared our story before. If you are unfamiliar or just want a reminder click here.

In early March 2011 Avery was admitted to the hospital. At only 8 months old, she had passed out a few times since being born. Her Mom & me were freaked out. We were told to expect challenges as she grew & this was surely one of them. Long story short, we showed up at the ER on Friday and we told she was there for the weekend. They wanted to do a sleep study. My little baby was pretty much confined to a hospital bed w/ all kinds of wires attached to her. The worst was watching her have wires put up her nose & down her throat. Not going to lie that sucked.  For the most part hospitals are boring. There is a lot of hurry up & wait for some nurse/doctor to give you small amounts of info. Because it boring I start talking to everyone. Nurses, admin staff, cafeteria workers, etc. If they worked at Grand View I chatted them up. I’m guessing it was one of those conversations that lead to a nurse coming up to me to ask if I could help the boy in the next room w/ the video game system the hospital lent him. Don’t recall the kids name, don’t recall what he was in for, when I was done I don’t recall getting a thank you. What I do recall is that this kid was probably about 12-13. He looked bored. This game system was an O.G. PS1 (circa 2001) and the game were lame as well but it would bring him joy so I was all for it. Maybe it was the dad in me, but I got it working.   Heading home that night it bothered me that the pediatric wing only had a decade old gaming system. It was not so much the gaming system but the lack of distractions to take a kid’s mind off what was going on around them, at least for a few hours. When I arrived at home I proceeded to pack up my Xbox 360 & a handful of games that I hadn’t played in a while & decided that I would donate them to the hospital. Now, I am not trying to paint myself as some magnanimous gaming saint. I had the very 1st world luxury of having 2 Xbox’s & simply donated my spare. Upon arrival the next day the hospital accepted my donation & allowed me to set it up for the kid in the next room. Let me tell you, he was pumped!

It made me feel really good to

1) be in a position to help make someone’s day better

2) share my love of gaming.

Now you may be asking, what does this have to do with Extra-Life? This situation was a full 3 years prior to me being aware of Extra-Life how it helps. It just so happens that what I did on that chilly late winter Sunday, is the same thing that Extra-Life does via the Children’s Miracle Network for hospitals around the country. With Extra-Life working to make kid’s hospital stay more comfortable & seeing the support that my child received , on more than one occasion, from medical professionals along with admin staff & volunteers this just seems like the right cause for me to support.”


Mick Powell – 3x Extra-Life Gold/Silver Medal Winner

1466242_10153526193555367_101784943_nI love making kids smile. I have a godson who I adore. Anytime I’m with him, and he’s happy, I can’t help but have the biggest smile on my face. That’s why I participate in Extra Life. I want to help any and all kids put a smile on their face, because it doesn’t only help them, but the ones who love them as well.
Every day, kids all around the world have to face medical conditions that no person should ever have to.  That’s where the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals come in. They help these kids get the care and treatment they need whether they can afford it or not. From Cancer treatments to special needs devices, they do it all.  For the past 3 years, everyone has helped me raise over $3,000 for kids in need, and I intend to keep that going. I’m supporting the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, because they are one of the many wonderful institutions that work with the Children’s Miracle Network.

For the 4th year in a row, I will be playing in yet another 24-hour marathon to assist them once again. So join us, and help me help the kids.


Thank you for reading. If you would like to support our cause with a donation please visit our Ember IT Extra-Life page.

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