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Just this week a new Amazon TV device came out.  One of the highlights was the nice, flowing interface and the speed.  I thought about how slow some interfaces are like on my wife’s old iPhone, or my TiVo, or almost any modern cable box.  Ever the entrepreneur, my train of thought lead me to wondering how certain companies could let their products sit, waiting to be obsolete.  Cable companies have no competition.  TiVo seems like they have a single programmer that pushes an update every 5 years.  Sony, I guess, figures once you’ve purchased a playstation you’re not going to return it once you figure out how poor the online store is.   The last example is most frustrating.  It’s where you’ve made a financial decision not to improve, because you figure you’ve already got your audience – at least for the time being.

Ember never sits and waits.  We never simply keep pace.  Ask any Ember technician – they know the job is never done.  This week alone we’re pushing a new click-protect feature to block malicious code in email (free for all customers).  Q4 of 2013 saw huge datacenter upgrades providing better speeds and reliabitly of our datacenter (free for all our customers).  This month we’re pushing out a new ticket portal that integrates into our desktop support app allowing customers to track open tickets (free for all customers).  We’ve upgraded our monitoring service to send text messages directly to phones instead of emails for after hours system alerts removing our own email system from being an issue (free for all our customers).

In February Ember paid for me to attend ITIL classes and I received my ITIL certification.  This knowledge is going into everything we do at Ember from better process management, accountability and documentation.  All of these behind-the-scenes improvements means better, more consistent service.

I want companies to work for my continued business.  If Sony wants me to buy another Sony product, they better make sure I’m as happy with the product when i’m done with it as when I bought it.  This is the way we run Ember IT.  We constantly improving our offerings everyday, not just keeping pace.  We treat our existing customers as if they need to be won over again and again.  I wish more companies did the same.

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Matt co-founded Ember IT in June of 2013. He brings with him over 16 years experience in the industry servicing mid-sized firms with their technology infrastructure. "My goal, from day one, has always been to make technology less frustrating for people. I've sought to change the perception among business owners that IT is simply another line-item, simply an additional cost of business. In actuality, technology has the power to truly advance businesses to the next level. Helping to show that to our clients is one of the highlights of my job."

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