Email Hosting

Email has become one of those mission critical applications – more so than your business phone in some cases.  Ember IT offers dedicated Microsoft Exchange email hosting, and we host over 80%of our customer’s email.  Our servers can grow as your company grows, allowing you to only pay for the resources you’re using right now.  All email hosting includes our Complete Email Management solutions.

  • Never losing email to a power or Internet outage.
  • Never worrying about the size of your inbox
  • Never outgrowing your server


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Matt co-founded Ember IT in June of 2013. He brings with him over 16 years experience in the industry servicing mid-sized firms with their technology infrastructure. "My goal, from day one, has always been to make technology less frustrating for people. I've sought to change the perception among business owners that IT is simply another line-item, simply an additional cost of business. In actuality, technology has the power to truly advance businesses to the next level. Helping to show that to our clients is one of the highlights of my job."