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IMG_20140620_192317 Ember IT was founded on the principle of making IT accessible to small and medium sized business while helping them use technology to grow their business. One of our core values is to be an excellent corporate citizen though our philanthropic endeavors. For the past 2 years A charity that, as a team, we are passionate about is Extra-Life. Extra-Life is a program that supports The Children’s Miracle network along with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. A few organizations that are near and dear. Please allow me to share my story.

I am an avid gamer! Ever since my first Nintendo in 1986 I’ve been hooked.  What many people may not be unaware of is that I am the father to a daughter with special needs. My wife and I were happy to welcome Avery Grace in the summer of 2010. As first time parents we were excited to welcome our little girl into both our family and the world. Up until her birth we were unaware of the issues our little girl would face in life. A few hours after she was born the doctor came in to tell us that Avery was born with Microcephaly. Her head was not the size of most other newborns. At the time we were told we’d need to watch her future development. As we’ve progressed on this journey, along with developmental delays, Avery was also diagnosed with cerebral palsy and vision impairment.  Needless to say, the past 4 years we’ve spent more time then we have liked working with doctors, specialist, & therapists many of whom were seen on visits to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful we are for the care and support Avery has received thus far. Having a child with Avery’s challenges is scary. We could not do it without the support of dedicated healthcare professionals, programs available to assist, and other families with similar situations to ours.

This brings me to why I am passionate about participating in Extra-Life.  Avery will require some sort of care for the rest of her life. The comfort I find is that Avery is a happy, energetic, & affectionate 4 year old. She amazes us daily. She is loved 10 times over and is well cared for. Through Extra-Life we are able to share that love and caring though support of programs that help Avery and children like her and with numerous other issues. I’ve experienced firsthand the kindness and generosity of those who support organizations like CHOP & CMN but I was unsure about where the money actually goes. If I’m going to ask folks to donate I want to be sure the donations are going to good use. I reached out to Extra-Life’s local coordinator at chop. Here is the response I received: Extra Life is a program that benefits Children’s Miracle Network at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  Funds raised through Children’s Miracle Network are earmarked at CHOP for patient care programs.  These programs provide constant support for the kinds of services that truly make a difference in the lives of children and families.  Support groups, creative arts therapies and social workers are all part of the healing process.  These services are offered to every child who visits Children’s Hospital, and these are among the many programs that CMN funds help make possible.”


I want to thank Ember IT, Extra-Life, and most importantly you (or supporters) for allowing me to share my story. Our Extra-Life event is scheduled for October 25. Please help us exceed our goal. While you may see it as “a bunch of nerds sitting around, eating pizza & playing video games” I hope you now see it’s a bit more than that. We are doing what we do best and what we can to help kids!


Please help me help kids. Donate to the Ember IT Extra-Life campaign

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Matt co-founded Ember IT in June of 2013. He brings with him over 16 years experience in the industry servicing mid-sized firms with their technology infrastructure. "My goal, from day one, has always been to make technology less frustrating for people. I've sought to change the perception among business owners that IT is simply another line-item, simply an additional cost of business. In actuality, technology has the power to truly advance businesses to the next level. Helping to show that to our clients is one of the highlights of my job."

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