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We recently decided to steer customers away from phone and email support and to utilize a web-based ticketing portal.  Some easy, no-brainer reasons for this:

  • More accurate ticket tracking with lower duplicates
  • Customers can see the status of their tickets at anytime
  • Removes “triage tickets” from our process allowing for faster response times
  • Allows the end user to set a priority on the ticket.

For us, by having more accurate ticket tracking allows us to incentivize our technicians to resolve tickets faster (without worrying about too many tickets being closed prematurely).  With incentives and proper metrics we expect a nice performance boost – something customers will notice.

This isn’t without it’s drawbacks.  It doesn’t get any easier than emailing or calling our help desk.  Asking our end users to login to a portal and fill out a form instead is a few extra steps.  We have to convince our customers of the net-gain in customer service.  Luckily I think we’re pretty good at communicating this, and our customer response has been great!

We recently raised our rates, pretty much across the board.  We hadn’t in almost 7 years and we were falling behind the industry.  The reason I mention this: not a single customer complained.  All felt our services were worth it and after being with us for so long without a price change, it was easily justified.

It’s a scary thing to tell a customer you’re raising rates or making it a bit more difficult to put in a service ticket.  In the forefront of your mind is customer service and not wanting to do anything to “rock the boat”.  It’s a testament to our incredible team that not a single customer complained about our price increase.  It’s a testament to our management that not a single customer has complained about the new ticketing portal.

Any other business owners lose sleep when you’re planning to make a change in your service or pricing?   I’m interested in your feedback.

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Matt co-founded Ember IT in June of 2013. He brings with him over 16 years experience in the industry servicing mid-sized firms with their technology infrastructure. "My goal, from day one, has always been to make technology less frustrating for people. I've sought to change the perception among business owners that IT is simply another line-item, simply an additional cost of business. In actuality, technology has the power to truly advance businesses to the next level. Helping to show that to our clients is one of the highlights of my job."

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