Monthly Archives: September 2013

Extra Life

On November 2nd, Ember IT and its employees will be engaged in a 24 hour marathon, raising money for a charity called Extra Life.  This charity helps children’s hospitals around the country through the Children’s Miracle Network.  All of Ember IT’s proceeds are going to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)....

Thank you!

You could consider Ember IT a start-up. Even though the staff and management have been doing this for some time – spinning off from a previous company- the “lean” feeling of a start-up has certainly been preset these last three months. Any entrepreneur will tell that in your humble beginnings,...

An Exciting Second Half

The second half of 2013 is lining up to be nothing short of incredible.  The list of new consumer and business products hasn’t been this extensive in years.  It’s a fantastic time to be in the technology business.  Here’s a couple specific things I’m looking forward to: Microsoft is releasing...